Abundance in Rockhounding

I found this Ellensburg Blue Agate in a Creek in 2016.
Well, spring has sprung and my rockhounding adventures have started up again. This weekend I am going to Ellensburg, WA to hunt for the world famous Ellensburg Blue Agate. Wish me luck. :). In my worn out old Solomon hiking shoes, I will be doing some creek walking at the location I found this Ellensburg Blue Agate last year.  

I found this Ellensburg Blue Agate last year in one of the Ellensburg Creeks

I will also be searching for Jaspers, Agates and Petrified Wood.  Last year I found a few of these yellow spiderweb jaspers.  

I found this Spiderweb Jasper in a creek in Ellensburg, WA.

The one Bret cut for me ended up being much prettier on the outside, so I won’t we taking home any more of these.   A few weeks ago, I found a fantastic obicular jaspagate in the same creek. I’ll add a photo of this later. I’m hoping to find more like that.  

On day two, I will be breaking in my new pair of Keen’s hiking boots with a new pair of orthotics.  They told me to break them in FIRST, but with all of my order and the continued car troubles (I’m about to cross the 300,000 miles mark) I’ll be breaking them in while in the field.  Wish me luck, not just in finding a blue, but in walking all day with a heavy pack.

My pack was full so I had to leave this petrified wood behind.

And speaking of heavy packs…I’ve been blessed with abundance in my other rockhounding adventures.  These are things I had to leave behind because my pack was too full.  The petrified wood in the photograph above had a neat little chamber inside where you could really see the cell-like chambers left behind when the softer material deteriorated before it was transformed to stone. (Zoom in.)  It really was a fantastic specimen and I wish I had traded it for some of the other items in my pack.

Petrified Wood I found in the Tilton River, WA.  It was too big for my pack so I had to leave it behind.

Now this chunk of petrified wood was simply too big for my pack.  The color and pattern was so nice though, I hope somebody else finds it and makes some fantastic jewelry out of it.  Hopefully the rockhounding fairies will reward me again this weekend with too many things for my pack….and I won’t foolishly kill my back trying to carry them all anyway.  
This is a gigantic chunk of foam found floating in the Skokomish River

(This one was too big for my pack as well…lol.  It was actually a gigantic piece of foam that Bret found floating down the Skokomish river. )

I’m not sure where we will hunt on day 3.  I’m hoping one of the rockhounds on the team will have a spot in mind for Sunday…perhaps First Creek.  ?  In any case, I will be wearing my trusty citrine pendant at my solar plexus chakra to keep me energetically on track.  It seems to work for me.  Most Ellensburg blue hunts do not prove fruitful, and I found one on my first hunt.  ðŸ˜€  Lucky, lucky, LUCKY me!  ðŸ˜€  I do feel like keeping my solar plexus chakra strong and clear, and my mind positive and in the moment really helps.  I’m most successful when I keep a good balance between my intelligence and my intuition.  

About Jennifer Shipley

I am an artist, musician and a rockhound with a passion for nature, animals and minerals. I have an etsy shop where I sell mineral specimens and my handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry. I am into healthy, natural living, spirituality, quantum activism and Buddhist psychology. I earned my BFA in Printmaking at California State University, Long Beach and taught drawing and painting for two years at Suha Art Institute in Torrance, CA.

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