The United States of America Is Not A Business

A common mentality in business is every man for himself. Employees are pitted against each other for raises and promotions. Executives compete for power and credit, their goal being to make themselves appear superior, and their opponents appear substandard. Those who succeed in business typically are the most diabolical. Companies often cut corners for profit, which creates substandard products and leads to employee injury and turnover. Executives shift money around to make the company appear more profitable to their investors. Most businesses are not one big happy family, united in a common goal. They are individuals fighting each other for status. So much money and energy is wasted in this war. Many businesses go bankrupt because of it.

The government is not a business. It should not be run by individuals focused on appearances, seeking personal glory. We should not elect career businesses men to be president. We should NOT elect someone who is seeking personal glory, someone focused on rivalry and appearances. We should elect a person with honor, character, empathy, compassion, grace, intelligence and experience, one whose goal is for the betterment of EVERYONE. We must protect our elderly and our vulnerable. We must heal our marginalized communities. We must keep all people safe. We must provide equal opportunities. We must provide education, health care and supportive social programs, so that ALL people can be functional members of our society. If we want to end crime, violence and abortion, we need to end poverty.

It is wrong to give tax cuts to the wealthy and make the rest of us pay for everything. It is wrong to end social security and disability. It is wrong to steal children from parents coming through our boarders and imprison them. It is wrong to pollute and destroy the environment. It is wrong to incite citizens to arm themselves and drive around attacking protesters with pepper spray, paint balls and bullets. It is wrong to lie and manipulate….

We need someone who is focused on uniting us, not dividing us. We need someone who loves this country enough to die for it, someone who understands WHY our soldiers would risk their lives for us, someone who has reverence for these heroes, someone who will not sell us out to Russia, who will hold them accountable for putting bounties on our soldiers heads. We needs someone who gets it.

This man doesn’t get it. He is incapable of empathy. He cares only about his power and glory. He takes credit for his predecessors’ accomplishments. His executive orders are impotent fluff. He lies constantly. He wants to end usps, social security, medicare, medicaid, free press, free speech, any restrictions for big businesses, allowing them to pollute God’s creation and to destroy records of employee injury.

Businesses are not people. They do not have civil rights protected by the bill of rights. They should not be allowed to do anything they want. They should pay taxes. They should be held accountable. His tax cuts have benefited the top 5%, not the people who desperately need it.

He gets off on dividing people and inciting violence. He enjoys “influencing” (manipulating) people. He lies constantly. He is pure corruption. I am horrified by the blind followers, who don’t bother to fact check anything, the mainstream evangelical brainwashed mentality that deifies him, and doesn’t hold him to ANY standard, yet everyone else is vilified for doing things that are benign in comparison. They are lost, worshippers of a false idol. He shits gold to these people. That terrifies me. I am scared for my future, the future of this country and for the future of this entire planet.

Please step back and look at the whole picture. Set down your biases, prejudices and preconceived ideas, and look at these two candidates objectively. Use your critical thinking skills. Assume that EVERY article and meme on social media is fake news. Look to legitimate, highly respected journalists for your news. Do not believe what a narcissist tells you is fake news (because he’s saying that about any organization that puts him in a bad light.) Fact checking is so easy. Message me, if you want some pro tips.

This country is under attack. The weapon used against us is misinformation. It is an intellectual, emotional and spiritual attack. Mind control. Conditioning. Manipulation. Much of it is coming from Russia. Much of it is from the white house. Much of it is coming from the alt right and i don’t doubt that some comes from the alt left. Much if it from those who benefit financially. We are all victims and they are winning.

Seek out truth. It is important. It is the only defense against the misinformation missiles bombarding you. Please stop. Clear your mind and reset to your center. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What are your morals and values? What standard do you hold your friends and family to? Take a moment and write down your personal mission statement. (I definitely recommend this as a self-esteem building/personal growth tool.)

Now, look at both candidates. Watch both of their speeches. Watch the debates. Fact check BOTH of them using refutable media sites, those that are staffed with highly respected journalists with a reputation for honesty. Look for logical fallacies used to trick you. They are ubiquitous. We are surrounded by lies.

Be aware that news commentators are giving you their opinions, not facts. Look for good and bad traits in these people (those you value in yourself and your friends) as well as in the candidates. Do not allow prejudices to obscure who they are. Do not hold them to a double-standard. Hold each of them equally accountable.

Do they lie? Do they twist facts to suit their purpose.? Do they gaslight? Do they name call? Do they make assumptions and then act on them? Do they engage in behaviors that in personal life would be considered abusive?

Abusers do not tend to be right. They just try to appear right by any means necessary, and they are good at it, which is why they make great business men. They have no scruples, which is how they climb to the top, on the backs of the rest of us who are working hard and trying to be good people. These people do not care about us and they should not run our country.

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