Gigantic Monster Unheated Citrine Crystals

Here are some photos to show the large unheated, untreated citrines that will soon be available in my shop, DoodlepunkArt.  These crystals belong to my boyfriend’s collection and he is asking me to sell them off quickly in order to pay off the lapidary equipment he just purchased, so they are being offered at highly discounted prices.  Unfortunately it was low light for the quick snapshots taken with my phone, so those photos don’t really show off the crystals well, but you can get a good idea of what they look like.  The prices and some information on weight and dimensions are in the photo descriptions shown when you click on the image thumbnails.  If there is one that you are interested in, please contact me through my etsy shop at  Here is citrine #1:

Citrine #2:

Citrine #3:  (Photos were taken with iphone.)

There are more, which I will add in the next day or two.  Please check back.  Convo me at if you want more information on these or other unheated, untreated citrine crystals.

About Jennifer Shipley

I am an artist, musician and a rockhound with a passion for nature, animals and minerals. I have an etsy shop where I sell mineral specimens and my handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry. I am into healthy, natural living, spirituality, quantum activism and Buddhist psychology. I earned my BFA in Printmaking at California State University, Long Beach and taught drawing and painting for two years at Suha Art Institute in Torrance, CA.

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