Welcome! A Brief Introduction

Self Portrait - Jennifer Shipley

A Selfie

It is my pleasure (with some mild trepidation) to welcome you to my brand new (and long overdue) website.  For more than a decade the world has suffered with my completely neglected and broken old site. Please forgive me for the years of torture and bear with me as I figure out how to replace all of this template content…it’s a learning process that I wish I could fast forward through.  I promise I will be making amends by adding lots of artwork, photos, jewelry samples and blog posts as quickly as I can.  Meanwhile, if you’d like to see what I’ve got in my shop, go to DoodlepunkArt.  

Thank you for visiting. 😊 

Jennifer Shipley

A girl and her trusty guitar - Jennifer Shipley

Me and My Guitar

About Jennifer Shipley

I am an artist, musician and a rockhound with a passion for nature, animals and minerals. I have an etsy shop where I sell mineral specimens and my handmade crystal and gemstone jewelry. I am into healthy, natural living, spirituality, quantum activism and Buddhist psychology. I earned my BFA in Printmaking at California State University, Long Beach and taught drawing and painting for two years at Suha Art Institute in Torrance, CA.

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